Turn, Turn, Turn…More Frank & Stella

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All good times must end, if only temporarily as seasons turn from joyous effusions of holiday color to barren tones of resting winter; and so, in the wake of what had been a grand, undreamed of Christmas-New Year’s celebration with his sister and her husband, it was Frank’s turn to be muffled by a cape of “the Blues”.


Stella, well-familiar with visitations by her own shadows, eyed him empathetically—and patted him whenever she passed by his chair, or as he stood mutely in his studio’s paint-redolent doorway.

“Hon, they’re only a phone call away,” she repeated gently; “no need to wait for them—why do you seem reluctant to call Nan and Tom?”

Frank sighed deeply, then looked into his dear wife’s eyes—“I don’t want to sound too eager, desperate, pressing my suggestion that they relocate here; they said they’d think about it—I should hold off.”

She twined her arms warmly around his neck, kissed his silvered temple—“Just tell Nan that I need her, and that I’m bookmarking places they should look at soon, before the prices go up.”

He brought her hand to his lips, smelled the perfumed lotion he’d given her…and smiling, he murmured, “I dare say, you’d always take the fall for me, Love”.

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