The Shepherd and His Daughter

crib-1807861_640 (This is a “might have been” Christmas fable ~)

Among the shepherds

In the field that clearest night,

A widowed father held small hand of

Daughter, left to his care.

His joy, she soothed worrisome burden—

How to meet her needs, raise her true.

Strange excitement filled the sky,

Surrounded flock and folk—

A Star, brighter than they’d seen before;

Angel, glory-radiant with fearsome light.

Voice spoke reassurance, ‘Glad Tidings, Good News’:

God sent His love, the Savior swaddled,

Stabled beneath Bethlehem’s star—

Baby King, in straw manger lying.

Murmuring hummed among the shepherds—

Should they not make haste to go?

“I want to see Him—the Baby, Papa!”

His little girl exclaimed.

He stroked her cheek, “It may be a long,

Chilly walk—and you should be asleep.”

Eager, she answered as young ones do,

“I’m not cold, I won’t tire—please say ‘yes’!”

Loving her, feeling same thrill inside,

He agreed—they set off with the others.

Mid-way he lifted her into his arms,

They hurried toward Bethlehem’s glow.

When they neared the stable, she squirmed

Down from his grasp, ran fast ahead.

Pushing past visiting Wise Men, she

Stood entranced by beatific Mary

And newborn babe called Jesus.

Mary saw the girl’s eyes begging invitation,

Even as her father held her firm.

“Please, may I…?”

Mary smiled, beckoned her close.

Kneeling by the manger she gazed into features of

Purest Love, whispered, “Ohhh, He’s wonderful”.

She touched tiny fingers that clutched

Her own…like He’d never let her go.

Looking up at Mary once more—

“I don’t suppose you’d let me hold Him…

For a minute, just—I’ll be most cautious.”

Blessed Mother couldn’t deny her;

Allowed her to cradle God’s heart-gift,

Which belonged to the World—all who’d desire Him,

Children of every age.

Her father wept mute tears of peace, gratitude—

Holy Presence, God was with them.

Oh night Divine—neither shepherd, nor his child forgot;

Spirits filled beyond imagining,

They’d beheld the Christ, Lamb of God.

 © Stella Carousel, 2015 ~ All rights reserved.