Friday Faith ~ Guest, Paul Lenzi

This week, for Friday Faith, I’m pleased and honored to once again feature Paul Lenzi—poet extraordinaire, and a man of deep and tested faith.  Click the link to comment on his blog.  Thanks, Paul—may God richly bless you ♥Stella, 2017

Leap of Faith

small fluid dynamics

the barely perceptible

nourishing nuances

gently enmeshed in

the ebb and the flow

within delicate tissues

an aqueous breathing

of crystallin lenses

miraculous organs

enlighten the brain

taking into one’s ken

form and function

of all that exists

in the visible world

concrete insights

admitting of knowledge

and yet despite all

that is seen remain

deeper realities ever

invisible mysteries

vital insensible truths

that may only be reached

by one daring enough

to suspend the mechanics

of cognitive vision

shirk safety and

step from the edge

of that rational ledge

direct into the

ungrounded air

of a brave

leap of faith