End Notes for 2016 ~


One of my very fave movie lines is so appropriate for the end of one year, and beginning of a new one.  It’s from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”—and if you’ve not seen it, and the sequel, you’re truly missing out.  If you’re unfamiliar with the film, it takes place in India.  The line, a native gem, is spoken with lovely fervency by the Marigold’s hotelier, “Sonny”—who is a most delightful character!  Here it is:

“Everything will be alright in the end…so, if it is not alright…it is not yet the End.”


In 2016, I …

Burned a few bridges

Deadwood, unsafe for travel

♥ Heart’s burden lightened


Prayed for my neighbors

Instead of mutely cursing

♥ Room for heart-burden


Grew bumper-crop, “Faith”

Full barn with plenty to share

Encourage others ♥


Opened more new blogs

Keeping readers on their toes

Loyal followers ♥


Tiny bits of snow

Fell…year’s last day ~ ground looks like

Manna from Heaven ♥



I have very much to be grateful for this day, God is so faithful to take care of every detail in our lives.  Thank you, thank you—to those of you I’ve come to know from a distance, yet are as close as the Comment Box.  Be assured that I keep you in my heart, and prayers—I wish you ALL GOOD THINGS, GOD’S BEST BLESSINGS throughout 2017 ♥Stellarose-4

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