I’d Recognize You


Your stance, in silhouette

The way you walked

Straight-shouldered gait…

Strong artist’s hands, gestures…

The way stress clenched your jaw…

Your penmanship, bold, confident…

Your voice I LOVED—

Varied intonations

Pauses, timed hesitations…

Each nuance of persona…

Shadow, glimmer of blue gaze…

Every word I memorized

Touch, long-aching fantasized…

Nothing at all did I forget.

And if you returned, mere

Ghost from salt and ashy grave

I would, as always—

Heart quick-beating, breathless

Passion heating faded cheeks

—Recognize you.

Yes, despite dimming vision

Age eroding memories

My once in a lifetime Gone-love…

I’d still recognize you.

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Heart Raw Sienna


Raw Sienna, #d27d46

Color Your World – Raw Sienna


I will love you

If only the wind

Hears my whispers,

Rain veiling grief’s annual tears.

I’ll love you when

Stars crash down mutely…

Burn away, making no defense.

As seasons turn calendar pages,

And years stack up like firewood

Gray with January rime…

I will love you still.

I’ve built imagined monuments,

Dressed in blue-green verdigris,

From memories framed with filigree—

And I will hold you near, till

My eyes no longer recognize

Blurred features memorized

In youth, for safekeeping.

I’ll love you though passion

Is forgotten summer

Day’s dandelion fluff…

While deafening hail raps

At sundown’s windowpanes.

Fiercely do I mourn, love you,

This aging heart unexceptional

As clay…time fading

Once-vibrant flesh which

Danced with pulsing color—

Now dusty-dry, raw sienna

Of wild palette you left behind.

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

New Year’s Romantic Musing


Holding hands with distant

Gone-love, greeting New Year

‘Mid fireworks flashing through

Colored smoke, snow flurries


We have wealth beyond

Many in spirits-fueled crowd

Who shiver to music

Neither of us recognize

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay

Distant Inferno… 10 Words

Writing Challenge: Inferno in 10 Words

Ally invited me to join a nice easy challenge—who can refuse a mere 10 words on inferno?  Come on, readers, let’s see what you got!


You were heart’s distant inferno ~ death has not cooled ashes.

© Stella Carousel, 2016 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay

Mute Candles, Remembrance

Tucked between Christmas, New Year’s

Your birthday, absent star

Koa wood jug catches

Falling sparkly moon dust

Plumeria scented dew, tears

On heart’s always-summer island

Memories ache, missing Gone-love

Cheesecake baked, mute candles


© Stella Carousel, 2016 ~ All rights reserved.