I’d Recognize You


Your stance, in silhouette

The way you walked

Straight-shouldered gait…

Strong artist’s hands, gestures…

The way stress clenched your jaw…

Your penmanship, bold, confident…

Your voice I LOVED—

Varied intonations

Pauses, timed hesitations…

Each nuance of persona…

Shadow, glimmer of blue gaze…

Every word I memorized

Touch, long-aching fantasized…

Nothing at all did I forget.

And if you returned, mere

Ghost from salt and ashy grave

I would, as always—

Heart quick-beating, breathless

Passion heating faded cheeks

—Recognize you.

Yes, despite dimming vision

Age eroding memories

My once in a lifetime Gone-love…

I’d still recognize you.

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Resist Bright Delusion




Bright temporal

Delusion, “happiness”

Soon it tarnishes, steals heart’s joy

Soul’s peace



Choose contentment

Lasting genuine wealth

Countenance glimmers, heart treasure


© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay