Hearts Indelibly Marked

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Three days before Christmas, Frank and Stella received a package originally mailed from New York…it had made a determined journey, repeatedly marked, “Forward To– ” .

One of the more unfortunate things they shared in common was that over time, each had become distanced from their families of origin—so, Stella’s eyes widened as Frank peered at it and said, “it’s from my sister”.

Frank and ‘Nan’ (the only sister, following 4 brothers) had been close, and as she and Stella were the same age, they’d been best friends for years; but after Stella and Frank married, they’d gradually lost touch as life took them in different directions.

“If I remember, you both enjoyed my special fruitcakes,” Nan wrote on the card inside the heavy holiday cake box; “I hope that’s still true, and that you’re well—I’d love for you to call me.”

Nan and her husband had lost their only child, ‘Mark’, to cancer before his 2nd birthday—a loss which nearly destroyed them; Frank’s brother-in-law had summoned him for support at the time…but afterward, their contact tapered off.

“Hello, Sis!” Frank spoke into the phone—“we got your fruitcake, Stella’s slicing it now—she wants to know how soon you and Tom can get here for a visit…oh, it’s good to hear your voice too, honey.”

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Reminiscent Pine

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unnamed-11-e1462409384457DISCLAIMER/INFO:  Zoe’s 6 Sentence Story prompts have allowed me to create a fictitious couple named Frank and Stella who reside in the beach-side condo of my imagination.  They are a 60+ retired couple who’ve been married forever and are devoted to, and still in love with, each other.  A retired Navy officer, and retired state police detective, Frank spends much of his time painting canvases and reading.  Stella is a busy housewife, cooking and baking, reading true-crime books, and writing.

I strain the prompt’s limitation, endeavoring to keep stories concise within 6 compound sentences, as I offer glimpses of Frank and Stella’s continuing saga.  My hope is that readers will be entertained—amused, and/or touched—and not take the situations, or the couple’s flaws/foibles too seriously 🙂


“Reminiscent Pine”

For Stella, there was only one tree for Christmas, a blue spruce—the bluer the better, and big enough to fill the living room; she loved blue of every hue and shade, combined with silver accents (glittery pine cones), and maybe a bit of rose.

Frank acquiesced, as it mattered only to him that Stella be happy; when she’d hold up a roll of ribbon or blue ornament, beaming, and say, “this matches your eyes,” he’d melt—she was the young girl again, thrilled.

He sipped eggnog, reminiscing privately, and watched her decorate this year’s tree—until she pouted prettily, asked him to ‘get in the spirit’ and help her.

“What were you thinking about?” she asked—“not pining for something…someone different, I hope.”

“I was thinking about Christmases long ago…how you’d always leave your family gathering, and walk over to spend the afternoon at our house—carrying a big plate of fresh-baked cookies and insisting I eat several…now here we are, much older, yet still you shimmer.”

Stella placed a shiny blue heart on a branch, then reached her hands to Frank’s cheeks:  “I remember often telling your sister, ‘Frank’s the only guy I’ll ever love’…and how she just grinned”.


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