Lady of the Lace Parasol

This is for my little sister-of-the-heart, Rosey, who celebrated a birthday last month ~  May God fill your whole year with sparkly blessings, dear one


Lady of the Lace Parasol

Strolls beneath sheer gilt sun,

Grace-filled intuitive feet

Choose their own direction…

Solo for now.

Her mind knits thoughts, words

Into yards of fierce poetry;

Romantic heart bastes scalloped

Pastel ribbon edge, faith’s fine-

Detailed florals embroidered.

She wears gifted talent like gown

With royal train, Mona Lisa smile

Instead of painted lips…and loyalty’s rich

Gem, pendant ’round her throat—

For, family and friends are

Strapped sandals she dances in.

After day is said and done—

Battles finessed, victory secured—

She reclines beneath lace parasol;

Sings exquisite songs—twilight hued

Praise for Creator God—and love’s

Effusing February fragrance;

Lights birthday candles for celebration cake…

The one her faraway sister-friend baked a little late.

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.


Frank Ranks First  Zoe’s Cue is RANK


After much gentle nudging and 2 enthusiastic pep-talks, Stella had convinced Frank to submit one of his paintings to the Community Artists Review.

This was not entirely a small-potatoes show—some fairly big-name regional galleries would be on hand as a sizeable cash prize was presented to the First Place Artist; and there was potential for future opportunities, as yet undefined.

When the letter arrived from the Arts Board, Stella snatched it unopened from Frank’s hand, read quickly, and began squealing and jumping up and down, hugging him loudly.

Briefly deafened by her outburst, Frank grabbed her arms gently, and kissed her to stifle the squeals as his sister and her husband looked on, spellbound—“Did you win the lottery?” Tom asked.

Stella crowed, “NO, much better!”; and handing the notice to Nan and Tom, said, “I’m so glad you’re both here, what great timing for your visit…we’ll get all dressed up tomorrow and attend the ceremony!”

Shrugging, Frank attempted to curb the joyful frenzy:  “It’s just a local community arts board, guys—although being ranked ‘1st’ is…very nice; but if it includes a buffet dinner, you can expect rubber chicken…Just kidding, I’ll blow the prize money on my Best Fans—at Garvey’s Steak and Seafood Grill.”

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.