Shekina Glory ~ A Brief Word-Study

Recently I posted a poem in which I used the term Shekina* glory, not thinking that anyone would ask the meaning of the word.  But since my friend Davy D inquired, I’m happy to share my limited knowledge.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary (16th Printing, May 1981) is a nice little reference book I use frequently.  It says that “Shechinah”* is actually not a word found in the Bible.  It was used by later Jews, and Christians borrowed it to express the visible majesty of the Divine Presence, especially when It rested on the mercy seat in the Tabernacle, and the temple of Solomon…Different accounts in Scripture convey that it’s a most brilliant and glorious light enveloped in a cloud, and usually concealed by the cloud…but on particular occasions the glory appeared…associated with the Nativity…the Incarnation of God, and future coming of Messiah.

In Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary (also in my reference library), on page 267, under the heading Glory, Glorious, it says “brightness or splendor, supernatural, emanating from God” (as in the shekinah* “glory”, in the pillar of cloud and in the Holy of Holies).

*Clearly, there are various spellings, depending on the reference source.  For a more in-depth explanation, both Smith’s and Vine’s provide you with pertinent Bible chapters/verses.

As far as my poem (link at top), I was describing the experience of moving from sleep into waking recognition of God’s glorious, Shekinah Presence—a wonderful way to wake up and begin the day!

Thanks, Davy, for your interest!


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