Lady of the Lace Parasol

This is for my little sister-of-the-heart, Rosey, who celebrated a birthday last month ~  May God fill your whole year with sparkly blessings, dear one


Lady of the Lace Parasol

Strolls beneath sheer gilt sun,

Grace-filled intuitive feet

Choose their own direction…

Solo for now.

Her mind knits thoughts, words

Into yards of fierce poetry;

Romantic heart bastes scalloped

Pastel ribbon edge, faith’s fine-

Detailed florals embroidered.

She wears gifted talent like gown

With royal train, Mona Lisa smile

Instead of painted lips…and loyalty’s rich

Gem, pendant ’round her throat—

For, family and friends are

Strapped sandals she dances in.

After day is said and done—

Battles finessed, victory secured—

She reclines beneath lace parasol;

Sings exquisite songs—twilight hued

Praise for Creator God—and love’s

Effusing February fragrance;

Lights birthday candles for celebration cake…

The one her faraway sister-friend baked a little late.

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

A Cheesy Reunion ~ with Frank & Stella  Zoe’s CUE:  “CHEESY”unnamed-11-e1462409384457

Frank’s sister Nan and her husband, Tom, arrived in time for the combined celebration of Frank’s birthday on Dec 30, and New Year’s Eve; the two girls had hardly stopped jabbering long enough to take nourishment—when they weren’t talking and laughing, they were hugging and wiping tears of joy till they resembled raccoons, smudged mascara ringing their eyes.

Though Tom and Frank exchanged considerably fewer words, they were enjoying the visit, riveted by the transformation in their midst—Time had rolled back like a genie’s carpet, their wives were suddenly teenagers.

The four dined casually on sandwiches—Stella’s horseradish roast beef and kaiser rolls—a fresh fruit tray, and crisp veggies with herb dip; at midnight they’d toast the New Year—and Frank—with his favorite cheesecake for a late dessert.

As they all stood on the lanai watching the fireworks display over the water, counting down the last of a remarkable, and kaleidoscopic holiday season, Nan and Stella munched cheese puffs—just like the old days.

Frank nudged Tom, and spoke with soft reminiscence, “The Cheesy Twins Redux–all Performances Sold-Out”; to which Tom replied wistfully, “I wish I’d known Nan back then…I wish none of us had had to grow up”, and squeezed Frank’s shoulder with manly affection.

Frank clapped a firm hand to the back of Tom’s neck, and with rough-voiced emotion said, “The best is yet ahead of us, Tom—you’ll see; sometimes God saves the best for last—it’s worth the wait.”

© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.640px-ostbager

By Nordelch – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Mute Candles, Remembrance

Tucked between Christmas, New Year’s

Your birthday, absent star

Koa wood jug catches

Falling sparkly moon dust

Plumeria scented dew, tears

On heart’s always-summer island

Memories ache, missing Gone-love

Cheesecake baked, mute candles


© Stella Carousel, 2016 ~ All rights reserved.