February Snow

Mute snowfall

Lovely light flurries…


No appeal

Once Christmas is long over

…Valentine frostbite


© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay


33 thoughts on “February Snow

    • You are such a blessing, Angel Anna! We had just been discussing the ebbs and flows associated with Depression, and issues related to being a Survivor of Abuse/Neglect, at your blog last week–and then I got hit with the nicely euphemistic “alien invasion”… Feb 2 was the 39th anniversary of my divorce, which brings up the abuse I walked into, after leaving my parents’ home: “frying pan into fire” deal. So I needed some time off–and hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule soon. But for this Valentine’s week, I’m feeling ever so Blessed–the “adopted” nephew God sent me is a dream and prayer “unspoken”. It’s so nice to have a caring and responsible 50-yr-old (non-romantic) male in my life, who calls me “Auntie” and loves my cooking!! I’m in Heaven 🙂 He’s made it clear that whatever he can do to make my life easier, he’s just a phone call away…so when I had a meltdown, he proved true to his word, bless his heart. Today he took me shopping for my first-ever brand new dining table!!! And this weekend we will drive up north to look at the property where I believe I’ll be moving within a couple years (senior/low-income)–I’m SO excited! My Valentine’s gift to him was a homemade Cheese Cake with Raspberry topping and a big pot of seafood chowder 🙂 I hope that you also will celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of Love–you know I’m sending you a BIG HUG, lots of love from ME ❤


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