A Loaf of Bread…and Thou* ~ Frank & Stella

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Recovered from her ‘furniture pique’—with a Plan B for future purchases on the figurative table for further discussion—Stella moved the lanai’s casual dining set inside, with Frank’s help.

As he folded the TV trays and shoved them to the back of the hall closet, he assured her it wasn’t the table which made a great dining experience; laying it on extra sweet, he continued—“it’s the meal, and your superior cooking, Love”.

“Oh, stop buttering me up, you smoothie—the lasagna is practically in the oven; but speaking of butter, we need a loaf of Italian bread…do you think you—” ; “I’m on it”, he said agreeably, “anything else?”

Putting index finger to chin, she pondered—“maybe dessert…fresh fruit—pick out a nice pineapple”.

When Frank returned, the kitchen was redolent with baked lasagna and he hurried to prepare the bread; over his shoulder, he enthused about the Pineapple Gelato he’d discovered (sparing him the task of cutting the spiny tropical fruit).

Seated at the wrought iron and glass lanai table, Frank toasted Stella with a crusty slice of garlic bread:  “Love, if bread is the staff of life, you are my compagnon**—ever nourishing my heart and soul”.

italian-1575514_640© Stella Carousel, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay


*A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou. – Omar Khayyam


From Middle English companion, from Old French compaignon(companion) (modern French compagnon), from Late Latin compāniōn- (nominative singular compāniō, whence French copain), from com- +‎ pānis (literally, with + bread)…


Bread has a social and emotional significance beyond its importance as nourishment. It plays essential roles in religious rituals and secular culture. Its prominence in daily life is reflected in language, where it appears in proverbs, colloquial expressions (“He stole the bread from my mouth”), in prayer (“Give us this day our daily bread”) and in the etymology of words, such as “companion” (from Latin com “with” + panis “bread”).

27 thoughts on “A Loaf of Bread…and Thou* ~ Frank & Stella

  1. I haven’t been around in awhile, but I love catching up, at any given moment, in the lives of Stella and Frank. I wonder if Stella is going to enjoy gelato instead of fresh fruit for dessert?


  2. what a very cool Six! And, not simply because a weekly visit with Frank and Stella is always enjoyable, but your inclusion of ‘feet of notation’…..and…. and! the etymology of a key word… be still my clarklike heart!*

    *those with the personalty type of clarks (in the Wakefield Doctrine) have a passion for knowledge, the more abstract and/or obscure the better!


    • Frank’s keeping a narrowed eye on you, Clark–he fears your comments are beginning to turn Stella’s head 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the additional “stuff”–“bread” is chock full of inspiration 🙂 I’m a bit blog-absent currently–but will get around to you and the others as soon as I’m able…don’t give up on me yet, thanks much.


  3. Loving how things are turning out, even without a regular dining room table! How great that Frank recognizes what he has in Stella! :). Thank you! You put the lovely into my days!


  4. Another truly lovely slice of life (and bread) with Frank and Stella. He knows exactly what to say to soothe and charm her, and she knows exactly what to prepare that will warm his heart. Such perfect compagnons indeed!


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