Stella Serves Second Helpings Zoe’s Cue:  SECOND



Stella popped a pan of enchiladas in the oven while waiting for Frank to return from the airport with his sister, Nan, and her husband Tom; this was their second visit, and Stella was praying they’d decide to relocate.

Such an immense transition was neither simple nor inexpensive for a couple on the cusp of retirement; but Stella thought she and Frank were a convincing example that, with a little faith, the second half of adulthood could be an adventure.

As the kitchen filled with flavorful fragrance, the door opened on Nan’s laughter—a lilting above the men’s voices—and Nan and Stella rushed into each other’s embrace.

Over dinner, Nan exclaimed about the larger size of Stella’s new dining table—which led to a spirited, dramatic recital of the “famous furniture fiasco’s” fabulous finale.

Tom noted, “You missed your calling, Stella—Nan told me you’re writing stories, but you could pursue a second career in theater.”

“Careful, Tom,” Frank affected sternness:  “when Matt Dillon was filming a movie in town last year, suddenly my dear wife ran out of all grocery staples, had to shop at the market everyday—the one right across from Matt’s hotel”; amid his family’s bursting guffaws, he added, “I feared I’d lost her to Hollywood’s klieg lights and that slick weasel…sorry…younger stud.”



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It’s Always (Sink or) Something…Frank & Stella

unnamed-11-e1462409384457  Zoe’s Cue:  SINK


Stella had shown a trooper’s spirit, serving Frank a lovely lasagna dinner on the lanai furniture they’d moved inside (due to the resulting fiasco when the old dining set was put in storage while expecting ‘new’…which was delayed-damaged-order cancelled); but her muted longing for proper table and chairs was unabated.

Oh, she’d received his 18-stem armful of Picasso roses and $5 Hallmark Valentine with sweet-smiling gratitude, kisses—but whenever she passed through the empty dining area he’d dubbed the “dance floor”, she sighed, turning taciturn…and a too-quiet-Stella was rarely a good thing.

“I know what—let’s go for a drive!” Frank said with extravagant enthusiasm; “maybe we’ll happen on an amazing local site—an extraordinary ‘something’ we’ve overlooked, since moving here.”

Stella’s face—an e’er-changing canvas (and domestic barometer)—moved from an expression of worry that he’d spiked a tropical brain fever, to one of more hazy, benign suspicion; finally she shrugged acquiescence, and gathered her jacket and handbag.

The furniture store windows shouted in fluorescent paint, “Store-Wide SALE—WE Even PAY the Sales TAX!”, as Frank grinned at Stella—who took a mere 14.5 minutes to select a large rectangular dining table suitable for a family of 8…and barely stifled a squeal, on learning it would be delivered that evening.

At home, she chirp-chattered about the beauty and size of the heavy table—its burnished brown surface, ebony legs; the matching well-constructed chairs and 18″ center leaf (heart, be still!)—and punctuated each repeated detail with cheery chorus:  “it’s a steal of a deal, Hon!”…..until Frank interrupted to announce the kitchen’s slow-draining sink had completely backed up, and suggested she call the maintenance-super, “Now”.

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Image ~ Underhill’s Furniture

Worship Wednesdays ~ God of Immeasurably More

Ready for some mid-week worship?  This group, Rend Collective, is new to me, but I’m liking every song I’ve heard.  Today, may your hearts KNOW that we can come BOLDLY to the Throne of God—and that He is the God of Immeasurably MORE.  He’s Never Stingy, so take some time today (like right now!) to worship Him, and bring every need and concern to His loving heart. 

I guarantee He will bless you, just for seeking Him! Stella, 2017




Sunday Songs, Week 10 ~ King of My Heart

Welcome to Sunday Song’s blog church on the Sunday we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day!  Some people aren’t keen about February 14th, and the super-romantics live for it all year long  Whatever your feelings about the commercialized holiday, there is One LOVE that will never let you down—His Name is JESUS!  The Bible is His love letter to us…check out the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon), if you haven’t read it recently

If your heart is FULL of LOVE, The Lord celebrates with you…and if somebody broke your heart, He can hug you UP and heal it till the right love comes along.  So let’s do a little music, and praise God for His love unfailing and everlasting

(Did I mention His Love is Free?  Yep, paid for at the Cross!  If you know you need The Savior, just Tell Him So…it’s as easy as clicking “I Accept”, and you’re good to go for Eternal Life with Him in Heaven, and the promise of His Abundant Life here and now.  A sweeter deal you won’t find anywhere)

May you feel His Presence surrounding you today, and throughout the coming weeks.  Draw from His Abundant Provision for your every need—His fresh mercies are delivered daily!

There are a few posts scheduled, but due to a temporary alien invasion, I may be absent from blogs…I keep you in my heart ♥Stella, 2017